Add a callback or a collection of callbacks to a callback list.

.callbacks.add(callbacks)🡢 Callbacks

callbacks Function, ArrayA function, or array of functions, that are to be added to the callback list.

This method returns the Callbacks object onto which it is attached (this).

Use callbacks.add() to add new callbacks to a callback list:

// A sample logging function to be added to a callbacks list
var foo = function (value) {
  console.log("foo: " + value);

// Another function to also be added to the list
var bar = function (value) {
  console.log("bar: " + value);

var callbacks = $.Callbacks();

// Add the function "foo" to the list

// Fire the items on the list"hello");
// Outputs: "foo: hello"

// Add the function "bar" to the list

// Fire the items on the list again"world");

// Outputs:
// "foo: world"
// "bar: world"

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